Çanakkale Ceramics Museum

City Center, Canakkale


The building, which was built as Turkish bath in 1905 in the city center of Çanakkale, has been restored by the Municipality of Çanakkale in 2013 as “Ceramics Museum”. Ceramics Museum is located in Cevatpaşa district on Kaya Street and important ceramics artworks are exhibited in the museum. It can be noted that the old structure of the building has been reserved during the restoration and in the new museum building, ceramics related national and international symposiums, workshops and exhibitions are organized.

The places that used to be used as cold, warm and hot halls are now provide service as the entrance to the museum, resting hall and information and exhibition hall.

People who come to resting hall and information hall from outside are able to get some information regarding the history of the building and the content of exhibition before entering to the exhibition hall.

In the Ceramics Museum where restroom stones and basins of the bathroom are original, there is also a garden in the backyard.

People who comes to Çanakkale for tourism purpose should also see Ceramics Castle.


Map Learn the location of the facility.