Ancient City of Troy

City Center, Canakkale


Located 37 kilometers away from Canakkale city center, the history of the ancient city of Troy goes back 5 thousand years ago.

The ancient city of Troy has been recorded as World Culture Heritage by UNESCO in 1998 and it is one of the most well - known ancient cities in the world. The earliest settlement layer in Troy has been dated back to 3000 - 2500bc, to Bronze Age. The latest settlement layers have been dated back to 85bc-8ac, Roman Empire times.

The wooden horse located at the entrance of the ancient city of Troy has been the symbol of the ancient city. According to Iliad written by Homer, Achaeans did not manage to conquer Troy, in spite of everything they did. After another siege, just before giving up, they prayed to Gods for help. With the idea coming from the Gods, they pretend like they fell back and gave up - as they were falling back, they left the wooden horse, with soldiers in it, in front of the gate to the city. Troy people celebrated their victory and brought the wooden horse inside to the city walls - and they faced the unpleasant surprise during the night. The soldiers sneaked out of the wooden horse and set the city on fire. On the basis of this epic, that wooden horse has been replicated and it is exhibited at the entrance of Troy, draws attention from both local and foreign tourists.

If you want to visit the ancient city of Troy, you can use the minibus that passes from the below side of Atatürk Bridge in the city center or you can prefer your own vehicle.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see the ancient city without buying a ticket. You have to buy a ticket to do so.


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