Aynalı Bazaar

City Center, Canakkale


Being one of the most important touristic places of Çanakkale, Aynalı Bazaar is located in the city center, near Çarşı Street.

In 1890, one of the worthy persons of Jewish community, Eliyau Hallio had this bazaar built and at the entrance, his epitaph can be seen. On the epitaph, writes “Based on Jewish calendar, this bazaar was built in year 5650, by Eliyau Hallio, to honor 14th anniversary of Sultan Abdulhamid II’s sultanate” in Ottoman and Hebrew languages.

The Turkish name “Aynalı Çarşı” was also used in local and nation-wide songs. A big part of Aynalı Bazaar was bombed during the Dardanelles Battle in 1915 and the remaining portion was able to make it to our day.

Owned officially by the Municipality of Çanakkale, Aynalı Bazaar has been restored in 2004 thanks to the municipality and its outlook has become much better. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Aynalı Bazaar and lots of different souvenirs are sold in the bazaar.


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