Kömür Harbor

Gelibolu, Canakkale


Near Fındıklı village of Gallipoli district of Çanakkale, Komür Harbor is in Saros Bay area and it is popular among diving enthusiasts. Being the center of diving tourism in the region, Kömür Harbor gets his name from the fact that in the past, coal (Turkish: kömür) is transferred from this harbor to other places.

Kömür Harbor is one of the best places for diving in Turkey and it is generally the first choice of visitors as it is also very close to the beautiful Saros Bay.

Especially during weekends, many different people from different neighbor cities like İstanbul, Bursa, Tekirdağ and Kocaeli come here for diving.

The harbor has a clean and transparent sea and as fish population is high, it is also a good choice for underwater photographers.

People who want to visit Kömür Harbor can reach here from Fındıklı village.

If you wish, you can build a tent here in Kömür Harbor or you can stay in the hotels and motels in Gallipoli.


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