Gökçeada Aydıncık Beach

Gokceada, Canakkale


Being one of the popular beaches of Gökçeada, which is one of the touristic destinations in Çanakkale, Aydıncık Beach or a.k.a. Kefaloz Beach attracts attention with 1.200 meter long sandy beach.

Around the beach, there are also some accommodation facilities and Aydıncık Beach will definitely be the center of surfing tourism in the future. Being the meeting point every year for hundreds of surfing enthusiasts, Aydıncık Beach is suitable for this sports activity thanks to its windy environment and wavy sea. In the beach, it is also possible to take some private surfing courses.

Aydıncık Beach is 10 kilometers away from Gökçeada city center and if you wish, you can use the minibuses from Gökçeada or you can prefer your own vehicle to reach this beautiful beach.


Map Learn the location of the facility.

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