1915 Seddülbahir Ahmet Uslu Museum

Eceabat, Canakkale


1915 Seddülbahir Ahmet Uslu Museum is located in Seddülbahir village of Eceabat district on Gallipoli Peninsula.

Approximately 8.000 materials from Dardanelles Battle, all of them gathered by local historian Ahmet Uslu after years of hard work, are exhibited here. The museum is one of the most popular destinations for tourists who visit Gallipoli Peninsula and you feel like you are actually inside the war environment. In the museum, you can see thousands of materials from those days, with written explanations.

Visitors can have a look at the objects from Dardanelles Battle and see the objects from the war. Then, downstairs, they can feel the battle in one of the sections where different frontages of the battle are animated.

Every year, almost 150.000 people visit this museum and in 2017, entrance fee is 3 TRY for adults and 2 TRY for students. For war veterans, family members of martyrs, police officers and military officers, the entrance is free of charge.

Local historian Ahmet Uslu has been roaming around the cities of Turkey since 2009 with Mobile TIR Museum for the people who are not able to visit the museum facility and showing the objects to them.

If you are going to visit this region, then you should definitely visit the museum in Seddülbahir village as well.


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