Mount Ida / Ayazma Recreation Area

Bayramic, Canakkale


Ayazma Recreation Area is located in Evciler village of Bayramiç district on Mount Ida, the place known as the oxygen depot of Çanakkale.

In 5 kilometers after you reach Bayramiç district and then Evciler village, you can see this beautiful recreation area.

Although the weather is hot in city and district centers, you can cool off in this recreational area. Being one of the most beautiful places on Mount Ida with its original trees and ice-cold water, Ayazma Recreational Area is generally preferred for one-day holidays.

Rather than picnickers, some small trekking groups also come to Ayazma and camp here and benefit from tracks. It gives great pleasure to have a feast on the tables next to the ice-cold water of Ayazma.

After a lovely and joyous day in Ayazma, you can eat grilled fish in the restaurants on your way back home, near Evciler village.


Map Learn the location of the facility.

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